Five-Line Poems #2 (pentastichs)

Five-Line Poems #1 (pentastichs)

Reunion (blank verse)

Memory behind a Wooden Door (blank verse)

The Chase (blank verse)

Too Close to the Screen (blank verse)

Threads (blank verse)

A Small Awakening (blank verse)

Lessons from Rabbit (blank verse)

Crossing the Bridge (blank verse)

The Scroll of My Regrets (blank verse)

The Origins of Us (blank verse)

Aching (blank verse)

Faces (free verse)

Waiting (blank verse)

Count (blank verse)

Or So It's Said (blank verse)

Breaths of Creation (blank verse)

To Make Up a Single String (blank verse)

Which End of the Rainbow (stanza)

If Your Eyes Meet Those of the Beast (stanza)

I Thought to Tip a Pitcher (stanza)

Standing on an Edge-Balanced Coin (sonnet)

The Sounds of Grandma's Death (sonnet)

His Sideburns, Low Shaven (sonnet)

With the Breeze Right (sonnet)

The Crystal Shows the Day (sonnet)

Transition (a visual poem)

Gallery in the Parking Lot

One-Handed Art

This Organism's Gift


Flung Pain

Biddy, the Chick

A Slip of Intention

But That's Just Me

The County Fair and the Radio


Variations on a Theme by Two Walnut Trees

How the Concert Almost Drowned the Music



Safety Patrol, 1959


Bless Me, Mr. Pavlov...

A Stick, Some Hats

Button-Puncher after Dark

Fitch, Fulton, and Colden
and What They Did

September 11, 2001

Walking Home

It Ain't Me (Ripped)

Blackberries, Pain, and Greed


Fame Digger Follies of 2003

The New Lottery

Coming Home from Work

Captain & Maggie

An Incident Out West
(of the Yard)


The Stifle Prof

The Clipboard



Al's Boneyard