Or So It's Said

Don't headbutt Sister Fate.
Fortuna's wheel has turned.
Your life's thread has been spun.
All has been stamped and sealed.

Feel the relief.
It is stone cast.

(Or so it's said.)

One fork's like the other.
Choice is an illusion.
Chance is your lone pilot,
Randomly jiggling plans.

Feel the relief.
Life just happens.

(Or so it's said.)

Worry not 'bout your path.
Your destiny is set.
The right way will glow bright,
Lit by a guiding torch.

Feel the Relief.
Your script awaits.

(Or so it's said.)

Fling your choices airward.
Let someone pick for you.
Keep it simple, easy.
One choice and you're all done.

Feel the relief.
Just give it up.

(Or so it's said.)

Then when nightfall comes to find you,
You can deal excuses like cards
To plead the case for what you've done,
To sidestep the consequences.

Feel the relief.
It's not your fault.

(Or so you think.)

But what you've done will stand alone
When time flows to those following.
Your actions will shine in the light,
With no immunity granted.

Harry W. Yeatts Jr.