The New Lottery

A chance arises

to not be poor anymore, to quit the job, to pay the creditors,
to be somebody, to get what you want

with the added spice of

getting revenge
     (you can't do that to me!)
shifting blame
     (it's not my fault!)
easing frustration
     (nobody cares about how I feel!)

And the chance is…

spilling hot coffee
getting hit by a foul ball
your kid flunking a course
eating fast-food fat
getting hurt robbing somebody
anybody looking at me funny

Emotional distress found in any nook and cranny.
Physical damage discovered in any shape and size.

Any pain. Any anguish. (Limited only by your imagination.)

Here is the creed:

Anything that goes wrong is somebody else's fault.
And they should pay.
A lot.

Grab a chance.

It's the Age of the Lawsuit Lottery.

Harry W. Yeatts Jr.